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Smack 18 [v 1.5]

In this game you will take the function of a instructor. And if you walways wante dto be a instructor in a class utter of hot and ultra-kinky chicks then this game is very likely the closest thing to your wishes. Just don't think that everyhting will go easy - these women are super-naughty in all ways including their discipline. Keep your eyes open and witness your students closely. There will be some excellent women among them and it will be right to reward them. There will be women that will try to cheat on examinations or try to slink out and smoke a ciggy - this is the type of behaviour that needs to be penalized. Depending on your actions you will get or lose points. You will be warned, if you are going to do something that is not approved by the school rules. If you're going to allow too many mistakes to happen you will be fired and won't see those sweethearts again!

Tags: arcade, school uniform, humor, reflexes, teacher student, 3d cg, sexy students, teacher simulator
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Sex to Death

Sex and Death - what can be in common between these pieces of our lifes? Well, if you don't mind to put in a small bit of mysticism and even fanatsy folklore then one of the possible answers could be the succcubus - female demon who looks so hot that she can fuck any mortal guy until she will get all of his life enrgy! Did Tom - the principal hero of this story - knew these facts when he was trying to summon one of them? If summoning spell will actually get the job done, did he had any plan ? Because let's say it gay-for-pay it has worked yet exactly the situation will grow furthe ryou will find out only in case you will play this erotic game by yourself. It is not indeed hard to play and has adorably done CG artworks to flash you the most important and titillating moments of it!

Tags: hentai, fantasy, funny, succubus, magic, 3d cg
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Astrid Training | TLB

First of all this game is a some type of spin-off of the quick getting bigger universe of"The Last Barbarian" (and that's what THB in the tite stands for) wher eyou can get involved in adventures and battles as well as enjoy a lot of orgy content along the way. Nevertheless lets' get back to this particular game. Here you are going to witness the story about captured elf chick and the ways of her being penalized for her crimes (which she very likely has note even commited) and finding possibilities to run away. How succesfull she will be you will discover only in case you will play the game by yourself and in case you will like it then don't forget to to chek other spin-offs and minigames and ofcourse the very first and fattest project we havealready mentioned before - drama"The Last Barbarian"!

Tags: soldier, fantasy, bdsm, prisoner, nudity, 3d cg, Elf
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This is a story about not so young and quite succesfull fellow who is still having troubles with conversating with people. To be more specific he is having problems in dialog to get what he wants and in order to fix this situation he is goung to use the very special services of madam Sue. Get through the set of dilaogs together with her making and loosing mood points with asking correct and wrong questions and determine where this will bring you in the end. The ultimate purpose is not only to talk adorably but to entice madam Sue because only after that you can consider yoruself as a winner... and to play few sexy minigames with this gorgeous bombshell ofcourse! All this is a game out of"ourselves of fire" series and more of them you can always see on our website.

Tags: milf, story, choice, multiple endings, 3d cg, lesson of passion, various endings
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RWBY Hentai Video RWBY Hentai

ERA 2 Ruby's Even Ruffer Morning

Tags: hentai, creampie, parody, sfm, 3d, anime, fetish, hardcore, monster, outside, outdoor, rough sex, hd porn, rwby, cg animation, goth girl
Categories: RWBY Hentai
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Left 4 Dead Hentai Video Left 4 Dead Hentai

Cum Harvest

Tags: hentai, cumshot, facial, pussy, parody, pov, 3d, fuck, hardcore, cum, sucking, fucking, zoey, cumming, cum on face, point of view, left 4 dead, cg animation
Categories: Left 4 Dead Hentai
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Pokemon Hentai Video Pokemon Hentai

Harden. Its super effective! Part 1

Tags: creampie, cartoon, pokemon, oral sex, nessa
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