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Jungle blonde

Charming blonde Betty decided to proceed on a trip through the jungle. And today she was at the depth of the jungle total of opastnostey. Around wild animals and vicious natives. She urgently needs help. But who will save her!? Only muscular Tarzan! Leaping on the vine, he snatches the buxomy Betty from the paws of the monsters. Betty is so grateful for the rescue that she is about to give Tarzan all that she can. But Tarzan needs her youthful body and cock-squeezing fuckholes. And Tarzan grossly fucks Betty in her cock-squeezing fuckholes in different positions, not paying attention to the natives.

Tags: blonde, bikini, hard sex, sex game, tarzan
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Time Breezy 3

The main heroine of this game is very smart and very sexy looking scientist who likes to fuck a lot. But there is a problem - she lives in a distant future where there barely any fellows left (or individuals who left barely can satisfy her needs). So she decides to use the other side of her talents (she is a scienteist, reminisce?) And to build time machine so she could get back in time and meet real Tarzan! But the most arousing and fun part of the story begisn when something goes wrong and out heroine somehow messed up the setting so instead of getting into jungle she ends up in old circus! But she doesn't seem to hurry up back into her own time - after all in circus she still can find some athletic man with big contraption which will work supreme for a very arousing private perfomances... or at least she hopes to!

Tags: big tits, funny, humor, circus, tarzan, virtual sex, bif boobs, time tramp, time traveling
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Brickhouse Betty: Damsel in dis Sundress

One more story about Brickhouse Betty crammed with both fuck-fest and humor. And if you happened to be a devotee of truly old movies then this game has one more surprise for you - it is made in style of old movies that are raslly before sound and color! This time our beloved Betty perform a role of a lady who was kidnapped by non other than Slappy. And who knows - may be he even will try to kill her after he will get what he wants? But there is a hero who will not let such a dreadful aevent to happen and this hero has a name - Tarzan! Now he is in his way to save Betty and once he wil become succesfulll (come on - it is not so much of a spoiler if you have seen or read any story about Tarzan's adventures before) he can get his reward from Betty... If you want tto see more of Betty's titillating adventures you always have the option to look for them on our website.

Tags: adventure, humor, tarzan, slappy, noir, Brickhouse Betty
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Jungle fucky-fucky

Non-interactive, not very long yet still colorful and fun animated story about how difficult can it be for an adult man to live in the jungle during the mating season. At this time of the year all that he can see around him is how all the males are fuckng all the females they can find and our boy can't get himself a proper coochie to fuck... or may be he just should to look nicer? Anyway watch this animation till the end and you will observe how succesfull he will become in his searchings! And if you'll enjoy such format of short aniamted stories with both funny and erotic elements in them then you certainly must check our website where you can always find more content similar to this one (and other forms of manga porn parodies and actual games ofcourse).

Tags: big cock, animation, humor, tarzan, joke, jungle
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