Katies diaries Ep. 6

    Should you remeber at previosu scene Katie and her whorish friend Brandy have been with a soiree in the bar. However, what's occurred then on the morning? That is exactly what scene six is all about! Ofcourse if you have not seen any prior scene yet you finer go to our site and check them very first-ever because this is a oriented string. And on the day we've Katie who's not in the mood like she has drunkk a half of the club alone while Brandy who was way more active on prior night seems not having troubles at all! And about troubles - Katie still has not determined about her elatiosnhip with Jim downright so no wonder that he is attempting to call her. Additionally she made an unexpected visitor... who was it which one boyfriend Katie will bear at the end you'll notice at thsi scene!
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