The main hero of this nice and plain erotic game is an astronaut from Earth who for some reasons has crash landed on the mystical world. He did not even receive any injuries although he happened to remain alive and that is not all - pretty soon he was found by the alien female who determined to help our man. However she determined to do this in fairly unusual manner - by providing him the best oral pleasure he ever needed! You can love all the moments of the act of help by switching inbetween different aniamted scenes using ordinary set of menu buttons. From how in which the oral pleasure wasn't the only method that this mysterous guest would want to assist our hero so check to the 2nd part of the game to find out what else she could do (you may search for this on our site obviosuly).
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Cabin Fever

As it's fairly visible from the title of this game"Cabin Fever" is a stroy about a cottage in the forest where mummy and a few of her stepdaughters have been coming to test it out because they desired by a cottage for quite a lengthy time already. This cottage is situated deep in the woods region and there are not any people about making it a ideal place for a quiet and serene holidays... or is itn't? Beginning from straneg (if not creepy) looking holder of this cottage and end with creatures who appears to be more lurking inbetween the trees that this tranquil vaca may wind up as the most exciting adevnture at the life span of main characters! But how exactly this adventure will finish will be dependent on your decisions and choices too so that you are going to be involved to the stroy a great deal!

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Guess Pole

In this game you're likely to have the opportunity to play not one and even two but with ten(! ) ) Strippers simultaneously! The concept of these generous gameplay is following - following you'll satisfy all ten girls one by one they're likely to work for you on the stirp club point however, you won't see their faces so that you won't understand who's exactly dancing in front of you in the moment however, you'll need to suspect chick's title! And in the event you are going to figure out how to remember the chick you have meet only couple of mins past then you'll find a special trophy from her - the personal demonstrate which goes far far than just a gorgeous dancing and even entails a few fucktoys! The amount of attempts isn't restricted and therefore don't bother about it yet on the opposite look it's one good test on your own memory apart from all the hot material it has.

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