Wheel of Fucktion

    New installment that supposed to promote big manga porn rp-adventure-tbs-who-knows-what-else-genre project"The Legend of Lust". But even in case you have no interest in big games but would like to have a quickie with sexy succubus that is rred-skinned you still can tyr this game and play it as stand-alone project. The concept that this already mentioned succubus will be tied to a wheel surroinded by thick and spikey fuck sticks from all sides. You can chnage some details in succubus looks before begininning the game - for exapmle you can make her bumpers fatter or add some hairs in very special places. After that you can launch the wheel and enjoy the showcase of this ultra-cutie being fucked with each turn or try some additional actions that we won't be spoiling to you in case if you decide to play this game yourself.
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