Ninja Crossing Bowls

    Beautiful and big-chested ninja doll invites you to play the game. It is referred to as a thimble. So look at the game screen. You visit three thimbles and a single silver ball. As shortly as the game starts the thimble on the ball. After that, the thimbles will rotate. You have to carefully make a nimble, under which is a ball. As shortly as the thimbles stop, you have to figure where the ball is. If you guessed then the lady embarked undressing. Wow. She has gorgeous and yummy tits. Surely you wish to see more and more. With each level, the lady will take off things and at the close of the game will remain entirely naked. So in the event that you would like to see it then embark playing at this time.
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  • Added: 2018-06-11

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