Mrs Doe Beach Day

    This is a game about ultra-cute looking femmes with nice forms in bathing suit having joy in the water at the beach area. But should you believe everything you'll need to perform in this game would be to observe then consider again! And get accustomed to thinking - that this game is a fairly hard game . Want to find thsi blondie? You will need to clear the level first-ever! To do that you will have to find the path thru the platforms that will permit her to visit them each. Pay attention to directiosn that our leading lady can stir - she can leap only gay-for-pay forward and to left and right. No turning is permitted. First duo levels will have qute an effortless solution but the higher the level - the rthe job that is harde! Seems like to play with this game you'll need to enjoy solving logical puzzles a bit greater than seeing sexy blondes in swimsuits...
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