The Mr Pinku Game : LPV

    If you like humor, fuck-fest and Vikings then you should definitely play this fuck-fest flash game. In it you will find some black humor, as well as fuck-fest. So let's start playing. Look at the game screen. I also advise you to read the instructions. Then the game begins. You see some Vikings. But they are still young. Children. They tend to play pranks and a little debauchery. For example, they decided to steal several barrels of wine from the Temple. Angry monk goes in pursuit of the thieves. They need somewhere to hide. One of the thieves is hiding under the skirt of a nun. Definitely he starts licking her pink cunt... and this is just the beginning of the story. If you want to know everything - then start playing right now.
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  • Added: 2018-12-23

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